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Can't be bothered

to update on France... basically trip back was a PAIN and delayed by like 2 hours, so only got back to Oxford at about 11. meh. Got to see friends almost immediately though so yay! ^^ handed over gifts of Genepi filled chocolate and mini bottles of chartreus... can't spell that but whatever. anyway.

went home next afternoon and got my hair cut!!!!!!! its all short and scary now (> < AND then I went shopping with my Tarrie today, bought hair dye, and Aska cut Tara's hair... so now we BOTH have short hair, Tara's hair is black again, and I'm all fluorescent pink at the ends (< < should glow under UV lights now though so that'll be fun... have GOT to go clubbing :D not OC though... ugh.

Pictures will be up soon...