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my life sucks.

yay art foundation etc I guess, and yay even with so much competition people picked out my drawings/planning sheet and said it was good... but still, meh.

although I actually mingled with fellow art students today which is progress. we sat together quite happily making our dolls...

am annoyed coz if it wasn't a week project i could SO use it as an excuse to buy a BJD...

Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations update: Have completed four out of the five cases, and started the fifth tonight. Dunno what I'll do when I've completed that... try and get the remainder of the Chocobo cards I guess. And play old pokemon games... and by old I mean yellow. yes, yellow. But I don't care, it's nostalgic and I never played it, so hmph.

in fact hmph to everything, everything sucks, and I am a moron. A BLIND MORON.

and now I need a plaster thanks to my wielding of a sharp knife. bah.