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It Arrived!

My game came!!! Trials and Tribulations arrived!!!!!!! I'm so happy, probably coz it's the first time I ever ordered something off the internet... :D Makes me want to buy more... with my non-existent money...


Oh yeh and a bunch of prospectuses came from all over the place which I will need to go through, and I found out yesterday I have a definate place in Halls... which is good, though I don't know my room number and I havent paid for it yet. But I'll probably start packing soon anyway... once I've torn myself away from my DS...

Oh, and another yay, should be seeing a bunch of friends tomorrow, and a class reunion from my first school has also been arranged, which should be interesting :D though I'll probably end up huddled in a corner due to not knowing how to talk to the people who see eachother all the time but who I havent seen for about 5 years now.. but oh well ^^;