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wahey FRANCE!

yaaaay I is in France :D but I'm spending 5.50 euros for an hour on this which is not so yay...

aaaanyways, here is a brief(ish) overview on what I have been up to!

-Sunday 12th August

1st full day in France!
Today we went white water rafting!!! was so so so much fun XD swam in the river briefly too... was so refreshing, and cold! Glad it was such a warm day... absolutely boiling in fact (< <  nearly got a watch tan mark on my wrist...
Spent the afternoon wandering about Venosc :) Such a pretty town... kinda like something out of Kiki's Delivery Service :) will upload pics once I return home...

-Monday 13th August

Didn't do much today, except organise skiing (for mum n aska) and snowboarding (for me :)) Went round buying/renting/booking things...
Oh! and Fez called :D might come down while I'm here apparently, should be fun if he can :D

-Tuesday 14th August

First day snowboarding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woke up at 6 (ugh) And couldn't get on the damn T-bar... but aside from that was great :D Managed to get a little lost but it was ok. I <3 Snowboarding (>w<)
And the view was AMAZING. Didn't take my camera though.. *is annoyed*

Spent the afternoon relaxing with Chocobo Tales while Aska went off on a horse riding venture. And in the evening we had Fondue... and icecream with liqueor... hehe.. :D

-Wednesday 15th August

Second day snowboarding XD

More fun this time, as I got to snowboard more than yesterday... but the conditions weren't exactly brilliant (< < Slopes of slush as opposed to snow really ^ ^; but I got quite a few pictures and videos this time, which will be posted on my return :) Was guna go again tomorrow... but yeh, theres meant to be a thunderstorm, plus bad conditions anyway so maaaybe not ^^;

Back in England on the 18th, around 9:30... so will update further then :)