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hahahahahahaahhaahh!!!!! lolz yey funzies for mayhe todays :) lots of funsies tho bad start but mehm, it was fiunne, i wasnt leat ]D

and its not todaty its yesterday coz its saturday nouw but i left oin friday so yehhhh................ i lik ePT :) Tom was nice, i like tom. he was lots friendly :)

and dill was nice, and the other girl hus name i duno seemed friendly roo. but i never hearx her name. oh well. we all danced it was nice :) i like dancing :) as long as old men in suits arent oggling at m arse anyway/ thats qanoying,. apparentky there was someone doing thhat tonight which was like, ewwwwwwww............

byut we left after that and returned with males so we were safe ^^ oh and ive decided i like mai tais coz tehy taste like shisha and are generally  quite yums/ and only 4 pounds!!!

that reminds me,muast keeep accounts of money spent tonight. forgttt already. i think bus n drinks etc are it ansd i owe 3.50 (>>  ohhhhh welllllll/

Maya :) is a Dingbat Fluffpot Reeehaaarooo :p